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Latin American Music and Stories
From June 2010 through August 2012 Alex Weiss was funded by the Durham Public Library to present Latin American Music & Stories every 4th Saturday. Alex created a diverse show each month incorporating the many styles of Latin music and traditions.

Mr. Weiss also collaborated with special guests from Central and South America to share their music and stories, as well as featuring members of his group Different Drum.

Alex’s music & stories are usually geared for children between six and twelve years old, the Library groups were more varied and often younger.
Multicultural Residencies

Explore Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, American Blues & Jazz and indigenous cultures through music and stories.

Alex offers this residency as four to six visits with three to six classes per day.
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A Journey Through Rhythms: All Aboard!
With multi-instrumentalist Alex Weiss

A PERCUSSION WORKSHOP for music teachers and educators who want a working understanding of the formative history and evolution of traditional African rhythms into contemporary music. The workshop can also include chants & songs in western notation along with the accompanying rhythms.  Take a journey through the African diaspora with the diverse rhythms of the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States.

The length of this workshop is adaptable as a one or two-day presentation.
Celebrating Cultural diversity through Music Stories.

La Chinita the tri-lingual congera & Señor Blanco share music and stories from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. A participatory event that weaves together stories & music, connecting the continents throught the rhyrhms. Participatory, educational and FUN!.

Music & Stories can be offered in a classroom setting, auditorium performance, public or private event.
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