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Francesca Strack of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion/July 2011
The Adventures of…Alex Weiss & Different Drum is like taking a vacation. This compilation of songs from over 20 years is lovingly had picked to enchant the senses. One can feel the passion emanating from every instrument. Mandolin, congas, banjo, and French horn are a just a few of the instruments you will hear on this album. Each one playing a starring roll in…The Adventure. Fans of The Bonedaddys and Luis Garay will be easily marching to the beat of Alex Weiss and Different Drum.

Track 1: The High Way West - The sound of birds sets a great tone for not only the beginning of this song, but also the beginning of the album. Harmonica is the star of this song, which gives it a great relaxing feel. That, coupled with drums, guitar and bass gives this tune a sense of delight and adventure.

Track 6: Not So Funny Valentine - This jazzy number comes alive with saxophone, tambourine, and trumpet. While this song is more serious than the rest of the tracks, it still has a lighthearted touch to it.

Track 10: Rhythm Descarga - The live recording of this song is a perfect addition to the upbeat rhythm. Percussion is central to this piece, and given the right setting, dancing will take place.

Track 14: Soulful Tune #3 - This song sounds very old western/folk. The harmonica and the rhythm create the image of moseying on the range.

Bill Meehan - Songwriter/July 2008

Alex Weiss & Different Drum’s unique sound of warm rhythms, airy melodies and tight arrangements retain the power of timeless communication. A journey of exceptional sound exploration and virtuosity...endlessly distinctive!

Songs of Hope & Protest
Bob Slentz-Kesler – Author/June 2008

A lush, invigorating romp of music and poetry. Percussion, flutes, voices, guitars, horns, ambient forest sounds, satire, seriousness, playfulness: “Songs of Hope and Protest” explodes with Alex’ sharp wit and musicality. Prepare to be soothed, agitated, and entertained.

World and Jazz beautifully collide.
Cameron Blades/World Rhythm Webzine:Global Music and Culture/April 2007
Alex Weiss and Different Drum present their view of world music and jazz in a unique manner... On "May Dayze" the klezmer-like horns are supported by the congas truly mixes cultural boundaries. "The High Way West" gives off a Western-styled cowboy melody on a high-pitched harmonica yet once again the rhythms take you beyond the lonesome prairie of Hollywood movie scores.

Durham Musician's Latest Work has Feel of Home
Cliff Bellamy/The Herald Sun/July 2006
On Alex Weiss's latest CD release "North of the Border" (July 2006, Silent Dayze Music, BMI): "North of the Border has an invitingly informal quality...The combination of brass, winds, guitar, and percussion creates a "large-small ensemble" feel to these compositions...the music also has an infectious warmth.

Music Spotlight: Finding Alex Weiss
Joe Vanderford/Independent /May 2004
Constructed like a long meandering suite, the 14 cuts that comprise Beautiful Melody (May 2004, Silent Dayze Music, BMI) are strangely unified. A soft bed of percussion cushions the presentation without dominating it. Though Weiss and his mates are capable improvisers, gratuitous soloing is taboo. Instead brass, woodwinds, and softly plucked strings rise up, establish a mood and fade away anonymously into the ether.

Multiculturalism helps Shape Musician
The Chapel Hill Herald/May 2003
Different Drum has become a regular in the town's (Carrboro, NC) "Entertainment Adventures" familiy series over the years. He's a favorite with us and the community. Alex is a multi-talented musician. He does a great family show!

Nourishment CD review by Joe Vanderford/Indepenent/May 2000
"Different Drum is a band of rhythm Jugglers...Performers superimpose a jazzer's sense of high improvisation upon hot footed funk from pan Africa, South America and the Caribbean Islands. Imagine cracking open the lid on an aromatic pot of gumbo: I hungrily spoon up the stew of hot congas, bubbling bass and horns a plenty. Sonically speaking dinner is served."
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